Locus out of Focus

AKU - visual acupuncture / Heini Aho & Sebastian Ziegler

Aku performs Visual acupuncture by way of interventions in urban surroundings. Acupuncture functions as a metaphor, and a frame for different actions. An action in one place might have an effect on another place in the city. Visual acupuncture is a creative tool that AKU uses when approaching the city. The aim is to energise the surroundings and to enhance the place-related consciousness. Interventions involve activities such as: performances, visual alternations, arranging seminars, or social engagements.

Aku uses the idea of the Chinese acupuncture and the idea of mapping energy points. The City is onceptualized as a living organism.

One key point for AKU is to work in residencies, with unfamiliar surroundings. AKU worked in the Pro Artibus Air residency in Ekenäs for September- October 2013. The idea for the seminar began during the residency. The Arranging of an international seminar “City as a living Organism” and The Invititation of experts from different fields to work together on common tasks was considered to be one of the acupunctures performed in the City of Ekenäs.